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Design Guideline Overview

Design is a crucial part of contributing to the success of an app. A well-designed Mini App will provide a better user experience and help you achieve business goals.

To build a friendly and consistent app experience, we create this Design Guideline for our partners of the Mini App Plan, which includes necessary information for your app design. Our reviewer will consider the experience design during the app review process.

Please pay attention to the following core rules that you should follow to design a better user experience.

1. Clear

  • Handwriting and Text are legible at any size.
  • Icons need to be easy to recognize.
  • The visual layout is consistent with features you have registered to provide to the user, avoiding confusion.

2. Consistent

  • Consistency should be present across all Mini App’s screens. Apply to text, icons, colors, and layouts.
  • Encourage the use of product design standards that are common to users.
  • Terminology should be consistent, avoiding using different terms for the same experience situation.

3. Customer Owned

  • The user – not the Mini App – controls all usage scenarios.
  • The Mini App only suggests experiential behavior options and should alert the user in case of emergencies. Do not make decisions for users themselves.

4. Recognizable

  • Encourage predictable and intuitive layouts through consistent interface organization and spaces. Minimize decision time per page.

5. Error Free

  • Error warnings are helpful, but we recommend optimizing the solution to prevent errors from appearing.