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Test Instructions

This page explains the various test instrument details which you can use to attempt a transaction on the test environment.

Demo Checkout

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E-Wallet Test Details

Before testing, kindly download MoMo Test App for payment on test environment.

Uninstall MoMo app that installed on CH Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) before installing test app.

Phone Numbercreate a new Test Wallet according to the below instruction
Authentication code (OTP)000000

Create a new Test Wallet

If you are unable to use these accounts above, you can also create a new account following these steps:

Step 1. Use a random legit phone number (10 digits)

Recommend to use the correct prefixes of the Mobile operators in Vietnam.

Step 2. Enter an OTP

The app will require you to enter the OTP, which be will set 0000 or 000000 by default.

Step 3. Set a new 6-digit password.

Step 4. Fill in the information.

  • Surname & Name : Surname [Space] Name
  • Email
  • Gender
  • Nationality: Select Vietnam

Once you complete with these steps your test account is successfully created.

Associate bank account & add funds

In order to make payments and top up funds, your account needs to be associated (mapped) with a card. Here is how to map with a domestic bank:

Step 1. In the right bottom corner, Click on "My Wallet" -> "Manage Card account" or click on "Top up" right in Homescreen

Step 2. Select a bank (recommend Agribank) -> "Link MoMo wallet to card" / "ATM Card"

Step 3. Fill in the information.

  • Account number: 9704 05XX XXXX XXXX (16 digits, X can be any numbers from 0-9)
  • Card holder name
  • Issue date

Step 4. Add funds

Homescreen -> Topup -> Enter an amount -> Enter password -> default OTP (if any)

During the first 24 hours of the new account creation, you can experience some user restrictions. You can try kill the app and retry or wait for a few moments. If the problem persists please contact MoMo.


Please contact MoMo if the app requires eKYC information.

ATM Cards Test Details

Use Demo ATM Payment to visualize how ATM payments works.

  1. Create a payment request through the MoMo payment gateway
  2. Click submit => Redirect from purchase page to MoMo's Napas/Bank payment page
  3. Use Test account to make payment
NoNameNumberCard ExpdateOTPTest Case
1NGUYEN VAN A9704 0000 0000 001803/07OTPCard Successful
2NGUYEN VAN A9704 0000 0000 002603/07OTPCard Lock
3NGUYEN VAN A9704 0000 0000 003403/07OTPNot Sufficient funds
4NGUYEN VAN A9704 0000 0000 004203/07OTPCard Limit

Credit Cards Test Details

  1. Create a payment request through the MoMo payment gateway
  2. Click submit => show popup for OTP (if 3DS is required)
  3. Use Test account to make payment
NoNameNumberCard ExpdateCVCOTPTest Case
1NGUYEN VAN A5200 0000 0000 109605/25111OTPCard Successful
2NGUYEN VAN A5200 0000 0000 110405/25111OTPCard failed
2NGUYEN VAN A4111 1111 1111 111105/25111No OTPCard Successful