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Mini App Process Overview



Case 1: Already a verified MoMo Partner

Step 1: Register the Mini App Plan

  • In the Mini App Center landing page, select Get started
  • Login with your MoMo for Business account
  • After logging in, start registering the Mini App Plan by filling in your Organization Information including: Type, Organization Name, Business Field, Tax Number
  • When you done filling in the information, select Continue On the next screen, fill in your Contact Information including: Contact Name, Title, Email Address, Phone Number
  • When you done filling in the information, select Register

By now, you can go to the Mini App Center dashboard and add your Mini App.

Step 2: Add your Mini App

  • Inside the Mini App Center homepage, select the Mini App List on the left sidebar
  • Select “Add Mini App”
  • Fill in Mini App Information form
  • Select “Add New” to submit the request of adding a new Mini App
  • After submitting, MoMo will contact you in 02-05 days to proceed with the cooperation process

When the cooperation process is completed, you now have access to development functions and can start developing your Mini App.

Case 2: Not a MoMo Partner

Please register a MoMo for Business Account to get started:

  • Go to MoMo for Business and select “Sign up”
  • The Sign-up screen will appear. You will have to fill out the information including:
    • Account information.
    • Legal & Business information.
    • Other documents. After registering for the account, follow the steps as instructed in part 1.


Mini App development process


Mini App development process description

1Partner refers to and reviews the documentation and tools provided by MoMo, including development and design guideline, Mini API, Component Kits. Documentation is public and can be reviewed before development started.
2Based on the provided information, Partner proceeds to setup development environment, setup Mini App project, and link it to repository on Mini App Portal.
3,4,5Partner proceeds to develop Mini App and conduct necessary testing/QA to ensure the quality of Mini App before submit for review. During the development process, MoMo will provide technical support based on partner request.
6Partner creates Rollout Request to submit Mini App for review. This includes submitting the Mini App name and icon, and Mini App version for Android and IOS.
7MoMo proceeds to reviewing process.


Mini App review process


Mini App review process description

1MoMo assigns corresponding reviewers to the Mini App Rollout.
2MoMo proceeds relevant reviewing processes to ensure the Mini App quality and review the content.
3,5,6If there are any errors, MoMo will send the error to the partner. Partner will need to fix the error and create Rollout Request again.
4If there is no error, MoMo proceeds to approve the Mini App.
7After approval, MoMo will proceed to rollout Mini App to production.