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MoMo On Delivery

The perfect replacement for traditional COD payments

Your repeat customers can easily make payments at full tilt, leaving no room for abandoned charts!


About MoMo On Delivery

Cash on delivery is the most preferred form of payment to many customers. The fundamental reason for this is that the customers want to physically ensure the quality of the product then make payments. Paying by Cash, however, bears certain risks for both the customers and the sellers. That's why MoMo On Delivery (MOD) was born! It is a payment solution which gives your customers the comfort of digital payment at the time of delivery while reducing the risks and costs of Cash payments.


Independence of cash

  • Customers nowadays carry mobile device with them almost everywhere, making Digital Payments more available and practical.
  • No one has to say "I DON'T HAVE CHANGE". This discomfort will be elimiated by MoMo On Delivery. Customers can also make payments with different accounts, methods, cards,..

Building your trust and successfully transition your consumers to pre-payments

  • Great competitive advantage for eCommerce sellers.
  • By offering digital payment options at the time of delivery, you can build up your trust among potential customers, which will make a gradual approach in converting cash payments to pre-payments.

Getting Rid Of Cash, Significantly Reducing Costs and Risks

  • Lessening personal contact while ensuring safety and contactless payments for recipients during Covid-19.
  • Shippers can avoid cash handling mistakes, such as crime and robbery, counterfeit money, human errors on money counting, etc.
  • No risks of any kind of money loss for sellers. When payment is completed, money will be transferred to your account first instead of the shipper's account.

Applicable For Many Logistics Models

B2B models with/without delivery system

  • Distributor to Wholesaler/Retailer
  • Wholesaler to Retailer/Agent

B2C models with/without delivery system

  • Retailer to Customer
  • Marketplace
  • Chain store system
  • Food delivery system
  • Logistics company

How MOD Works

MoMo provides a must-have payment option which allows customers to make a cashless payment on delivery. Once the product reaches the customers, they can make a payment by using the MoMo app or any QR code reader app on a mobile device to scan a dynamic QR code generated by MoMo. This QR code is generated for each particular parcel, containing order information as well as the total amount.

Where to display the QR code is up to your resource system.

  • QR code displayed on the shipper app: The QR code is displayed on the shipper app, which will be shown to the customer to proceed with a payment. Both shipper and customer receive the payment result through the shipper app and the customer's MoMo app, respectively. This method is highly recommended when you own a delivery system accompanied with a delivery management software.
    The dynamic QR code displayed on the shipper app only lasts for 15 minutes. When the QR code expires, shipper has to request a new QR code for customer scanning (if necessary)
  • QR code attached on the parcel: In case there is a lack of delivery system or software, a QR code attached on the delivered parcel will be an alternate solution. The payment result is displayed on the customer's MoMo app, which will be verified by the shipper.
    The dynamic QR code attached on the parcel will expire after 15-30 days.

Money will be transferred to your account first instead of the shipper's account in both cases.

Getting Started