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Automated Payments

Elevating the payment experience to the next level

Your repeat customers can easily make payments at full tilt, leaving no room for abandoned charts!


About Payment Tokenization

Automated Payments (Tokenized Payments) is the secure way to convert users’ payment information to encrypted recurring tokens. When making the first purchase, your customers are requested to give pre-authorization for their future payments. This enables the available data for recurring and repeat transactions.

The Striking Benefits Of Tokenized Payments

One-Click Payments to obtain more orders

No more complications preventing your customers from making payments. Shoppers will only need to pre-authorize ONCE in their first payment. This confirmation tokenizes the payment details and allows immediate charges for the next payments, regardless of the initiators (your server or customer action).

Diverse Use Cases with Account Binding and Subscriptions

We offer two pre-authorized tokenization types that cover different services/products:

Account Binding: Users agree to associate their Account on your platform with their MoMo E-Wallet account for future One-Click Payments.
Explore further technical documentation here.

Subscription: Users authenticate for specific subscription packages, your system saves the tokens and triggers the valid recurring payments.

Secure & Easy

The processing logic is simple for our tokenization payments. You will need to store the recurring tokens in your system. These tokens are unique for different Bindings and Subscriptions.

Convenient Account Binding/Subscriptions & Funds Management Features

Your customers can check and manage the Bindings, Subscriptions and Payment Funds right in our MoMo App. This lets them manage their payments and prepare the funds for their favorite subscriptions with our Payment Reminders/Notifications.

General Requirement

In order to help us maintain the quality as well as the user experience, you will need to fill our Tokenization Evaluation Form before integrating this payment model with your APIs.

Getting Started