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Static QR Code Payment

The quickest QR code scanning UX for in store payments

The first choice for businesses who do not have dev resources in standby, with minimal resource-consuming integration.


About Static QR Code Payment

Static QR code contains the Payment URL directly placed inside. As these QR codes are static, the content of the codes can not be altered and these codes also can not be tracked. It is used for a quick and simple online payment acceptance. Customers just have to scan the QR code, enter the purchase amount, the merchant will verify the details and then the customer can initiate the online payment.


  • While dynamic QR code becomes more and more popular with its versatility and flexibility, static QR code is still the first choice for some merchant usages. With static QR code, merchants do not need dev resources in standby, or any order management system/ software which can be connected, ... In a nutshell, this payment model is the simplest means for businesses who don't want resource-consuming integrations but fast payment establishment.
  • Even though the authentication choices are limited to QR code via MoMo app only, this still offers consumers the same diversity of payment methods.

Get Started

Follow this guide to integrate this model with your business:

MoMo creates a QR code for your business according to the information from this business account page.
Put this QR code in your stores for payment.
Customer scans the QR code, inputs the amount to be paid and confirms to process payment.

Discover the Process Flow of this payment model here: