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Open Capabilities Introduction

Open Capabilities are Mini App add-on features that developers can integrate into their Mini App to enhance the user experience. The following Open Capabilities pages will provide developers with information regarding the use of this service.

Currently, MoMo provides developers with the following feature sets:

Basic group

Feature nameFeature overview
More Icon & Menu Bottom SheetMore Icon & Menu Bottom Sheet feature allows end-users to quickly access related features or exit Mini App.
Add To Favorite ListThe Add To Favorite List feature allows end-users to add, replace or delete a Mini App in the favorites list for faster access.
Add to Home Screen of DeviceThe Add to Home Screen of Device feature allows end-users to create a Mini App icon outside the home screen for faster access.
Customer Support InfoThe Customer Support feature allows developers to add contact information of the developer's customer care team for end-users to request support while using the Mini App.
SharingSharing feature allows end-users to share Mini App with friends via online sharing channels.
User Data SharingUser Data Sharing feature allows developers and end-users to manage the access rights of Mini App information that they want to receive/give.
User AuthenticationUser Authentication feature allows the Mini App developers to obtain user's authentication credential.