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Scanner Quick Pay

The quickest QR code scanning UX for in store payments

The fastest in store payment method that helps reduce the long queues for payment, leading to more sales and customer satisfaction.


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The Quick Pay - POS Scanner solution provides a way to pay for an order by scanning the QR code on the customer's phone. It is a user-presented mode payment, in a nutshell.
The payment code is the user's identity which is displayed on the 'Payment QR screen' in every user's MoMo App.
Every code is unique and auto updated every 60 seconds.

Barcode format
QR Code format

The fastest means for payment in-store

Instant settlement

Instant settlement

Cashiers can use Quick Pay to accept payments within 1-2 seconds without the need for any cash or change.

Convienient and seamless user experience

Convienient and seamless user experience

User experience is optimized by reducing the manual steps customers have to make, which are filling in the transaction amount and confirming to pay.

Payment without internet

Payment without internet

This payment flow can also work even without network connection.

Complete payment easily in just a few steps


Customers can complete payment easily in just a few steps:

The customer opens MoMo app, chooses the Payment QR button.
The merchant scans the payment code which is displayed on the 'Payment QR' screen to collect the payment.
The customer gets the payment result on the MoMo app. Confirmation is also sent to the merchant.


In case the transaction amount is over the customer's E-Wallet balance, the customer might be asked to top up or choose another recommended source of fund. The 'secured payment screen' is displayed, then the customer has to enter the password and complete the payment.

A wide range of IoT Devices For Scanning

There are two modes exist in barcode payment, so the merchant's scanning device must supports both modes to ensure that all payments can be collected smoothly:

Scan Box

The artwork on your checkout counter with the ergonomic scanning angle of 45° and two eye-catching orange frames.


Handheld POS

Secure and smart electronic payment terminal along with ordering, digital payment and receipt printing.


2D Scanner

The two dimensional (2D) Scanners can capture a code in any orientation and read any type of barcode including 1D, stacked, 2D, popular QR codes and many more.


Applicable for any physcial stores

Quick Pay is suitable for in-store payment. It is recommended to integrate this model in physical stores such as:

  • Convenience Store
  • Department stores
  • Restaurant
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Cinema
  • Tourist attractions
  • ...

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