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Payment Gateway

The most versatile payment solution

Multiple payment checkout methods across various payment channels in just one simple integration process.


About MoMo’s Payment Gateway

MoMo Payment Gateway acts as a pre-built interface between the payment processor, the merchant, and the acquiring bank in giving your customers an engaging and smooth experience when making payments.

Its Versatility Will Amaze You

Compatible with omni channels

Compatible with omni channels

Different payment platform types help manage and optimize the payment methods for each channel and user segment.

Clean pre-built interface

Clean pre-built interface

Our diverse yet uninted UI’s help bring the consistency in customer experience.

Easy integration

Easy integration

Get all the amazing benefits by just integrating with one simple API and our optimized MDKs (MoMo's customized SDK)

Available payment sources

Available payment sources

Access to our Enormous user choices of Payment sources including MoMo e-wallet, banking accounts, domestic & international cards, and many more.

Supports Both Single & Combined Platforms


On The MoMo Super App

Your services will be displayed as a Mini App on our MoMo App to utilize our large user base.

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On Personal Devices

Fastest way for your customers to make payments on your Website/App/Mobile Web by any devices that they own. Check our technical documentations here.

For Desktop/Tablet
User scans the QR Code displayed on your custom UI / MoMo Web Page
For Mobile App/Web
Redirects user to make payments in the MoMo App

On Big-Screen Devices

This payment model is tailored for Bussinesses operating smartTV and big-screen devices applications. Check our technical documentations here.

IoT Devices With MoMo Pre-Built UI

Dual-screen POS device, Kiosk, self-checkout POS are suitable for This payment model
Check our technical documentation here.

QRC scanning to payment
Face recognization payment
Coming soon...

IoT Devices With Custom UI

We offer customizations for receipt-printing or POS devices that cannot display our pre-built interface. To enable the customizations, please contact our team for more details . You can also check our technical documentations here. here.

Payment Links for All Social Messengers

By creating payment links through the API then sending it via chat, email or social media, you could take your customers to the MoMo payment gateway where they can pay with their preferred payment method and complete the transaction.


Accepting Payments Through Multiples Payment Methods

MoMo Payment Gateway offers multiple payment methods in which consumers can proceed to purchase right after checking out on your site, such as:

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